Why lady bulldog is a sexist thing to say.

Hello, here comes my feminst thoughts, now in an English version, so that I can reach out (hopefully) to a larger circle of people. 
I have resently taken the liberty of taping over the word "lady" on my warm-up shirt for basketball.

People have asked me why and they have a really hard time understanding the point that I'm trying to quietly make by doing this. It has nothing to do with me disliking men and women playing in different teams, or me thinking it's degrading to be a lady. It has to do with the fact that there has to be an indication on basically everything that a woman is doing, that SHE is doing it, a lady bulldog, a female police, doctor, firefighter, career woman and so on. In sporting circumstances I can understand the fact that the prefix exists, since it's an important and relevant factor in knowing what team we are talking about. But it's not so much the existence of the prefix "lady" that bothers me; it's the lack of a prefix on the other side. I would gladly rip of the duck tape off of my shirt if I could just here one person honestly referring to a guys’ team as the "male" bulldogs (or something that sounds better). A bulldog is a dog race, there is no specific gender automatically appointed to that dog. Therefore it makes absolutely no sense that the bulldogs should automatically mean the boys team. And honestly you might think, how does this REALLY matter? We find out very well this way what team it is that we’re talking about. But it reflects our society's values, values that suck and are embarrassingly easily seen anywhere, that men come first, that men are the norm, and by putting the prefix in front of, just about any word, we make it sound like it's even a new sport, profession, that it has a different importance.

         “No she's not a politician, she's a FEMALE politician, not the same thing.” However the gender of a politician has no real value has it? It won’t affect the politician’s skills and knowledge. So until there is a prefix in front of the boys’ team name, or it falls off in the washer, the duck tape on my shirt is staying on, quietly saying, even though I want to scream it out, this is not okay patriarchy, it’s time for you to retire and for equality to be our, goal, value and norm.    


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Såååå bra Lisa!!! U go!!!

Svar: Nämen tack så mycket Alba :D
Lisa Katla

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Sansat, tydligt, och bara lite passivaggressivt. RESPEKT!B)

Svar: Taaaaack :D
Lisa Katla

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riktigt bra skrivet och tycker du har absolut rätt i det du skriver!!

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