From an Aliens Point of View


On the other side of the ocean

     lies a country big and great.

It’s the world of possibilities,

     that’s what they always say.

It’s the United States of America

      where dreams are told to come true.

So, to pack a bag and go there,

      was all I had left to do.


What I used to think was; McDonalds, Burger King and KFC,

      all the food dripping with fat, and probably the people too.

I could never have imagined the size of Wal-Mart  

      and the fact that I get lost there every single time.

And even here in Hardin, the smallest of small towns,

       more stuff happens than I could possibly have dreamt about.


Though school is not everybody’s favorite place,

       the spirit here is awesome, and we got a football-team that is really, really great.

American football, the most confusing sport in the world,

      I understand 100% nothing, but I still really want to play.

Why it is called football, when you carry the ball in your hand,

      that is something I will never understand.


I couldn’t have been more wrong, even if a lot of food is fried,

      I think it’s safe to tell my prejudice goodbye.


Lisa Stellansdottir


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